strand palatteoffline??


I was just looking at the strand lighting web site and they have a new system out that has an offline editor that’s capable of working with 300 & 500 series consoles. They said to downlod it from there site I searched for it and can’t find it. I emailed strand and haven’t gotten a response. I was wondering if any one add found it or has it and if it’s worth the time to look for it
Thank for any input

The light palette has just been released over here in europe. Speaking to my local strand boffin, he reckons the the OLE will be out around August. I reckon they are still de-bugging the desk.
At the launch the keys of the desk were being recorded to identify when error commands came up.

The direct replacement for the 500 series will probably not be out till next year.

They still look interesting.....

The replacement for the 500 will be debuted at LDI. The offline editor will be complete when the finish the OS. I had one of the palletes last week (the first shipped to the chicago area) and it would not output DMX correctly. There is still a way to go on the OS befor the OLE is done.

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