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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by gafftaper, Nov 13, 2008.

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    1. Noun. Disassembling and removing a show from the space when its run is over. Although it can be used interchangeably with load-out, the term "strike" usually implies that the group performing the show resides in that theatre and isn't going on to perform the same show in another venue. Strikes typically are about carefully cleaning up and putting everything away so you can begin working on your next show in the same venue.

    2. Verb. To remove or disassemble. "Strike the Act I set so we can rehearse Act II."

    3. Venues with union Collective Bargaining Agreements try not to use the word as either a noun or verb, since it can also refer to a work stoppage or protest.

    4. Verb (noun form = "lamp strike"). The initial high-power spark that causes arc lamp electrodes to produce light. Sometimes used interchangeably with "Lamp On," or ignite. "Strike up the rig." See Striking Lamps.

    In light of the above, "Strike the followspot" can have at least two, very different and distinct, meanings.
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