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    More accurately described as a compartmentalized borderlight, but colloquially called a striplight or X-Rays, is a linear fixture using multiple MR-16, R-30, R-40, PAR56, PAR64, T-3, A-type or HPL lamps. Portable version are available in lengths of two feet to eight feet. Permanent versions can be any length desired: for use as a borderlight, a length of 3/4 of the stage opening is recommended. Typical uses include cyc or drop lighting and general wash lighting. Striplights may retain their color media (typically called rondels if circles of colored glass) within their reflectors (if applicable) via split ring/spring ring design, or through the use of a combo frame.
    Photo of an 8'-0", 16-lamp, 4 circuit, #528 striplight, courtesy of Altman Lighting.

    Vintage HUB Electric 'A-lamp' striplight fixture.

    Altman R40 Striplight

    Altman Zip-Strip (MR-16 fixture)

    ETC MultiPar HPL Striplight

    L&E Corona Striplight

    LED products such as Chroma-Q ColorForce 72, Color Kinetics ColorBlaze 72, Pixel Pange Pixelline 100, Martin StageBar54, and products from Selador are gaining ground on overtaking traditional striplights.
    ColorBlaze 48 from LED Stage Lighting Fixture - Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlaze.

    Sometimes confused with chaser strips.
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