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We now have a new area of, which is dedicated to the educational process rather that the technical aspect. In particular, this is an area for some detailed discussion about the current course or program that you are doing.

Some of the issues to discuss are whether it is a high school, college, professional development program, how many students are there in each group/class, how much hands on experience do you get, are you told what to do or is there freedom to learn for yourself? What qualification will you receive? Is there any industry experience or placement as part of the course?

Of course, two of the big questions will be “what do you like about your current course?” and “what suggestions would you have to improve your current course”.

Obviously not everyone will be happy with their training and we do not want to turn this into a collection of grievances so we would ask that people try to be constructive in their criticism. Especially if it relates to an individual. In this case, a “no names” policy will be adopted.

If you have or are in the process of choosing a program or course, it would be great to hear the reason behind your decision. Remember to include things like the qualification you will receive on completion, how long it will take, your career aspirations (if you want to tour as a LD with a rock band it may not suit someone who wants to be a SM on Broadway), practical experience and local paid/unpaid opportunities as well as the social life considerations.

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