Studio Due CS-2 and CS-4

Hi all,

I'm looking into Studio Due's CS 2 and 4 fixtures and I'm confused about programming the individual Pan channels versus the Global Pan channels. How is precedence determined? If the Global pan channel is at full, and Lamp 1 Pan for example is at 50%, what value does the beam take?

I see in the manual online that there are different pan modes. How do they effect the control as well?



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As far as I understand, which isn't very much considering I'm only reading the manual like you, it looks to me as though Global Pan is used when paning all lamps at once, where as the Lamp 1 Pan will just pan that lamp, and visa versa--its almost like having a macro to pan all instruments at once instead they built it into a channel so you can use that as an optional mode.

They really should call the tilt Global Tilt in that case, just to keep with the same lingo--

I hope that helps, I could be dead wrong though.

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