Studio Spot 250 vs MAC 250E


does anybody have any experience with both of these fixtures? We are looking to rent some for our upcoming production of footloose, and I was wondering if anybody had any advice on which way to go. The Studio Spots are much closer (They are in NH where as the MAC's are in Mass, and we are in Maine). The other reason I am leaning towards the Studio Spots because they have an iris, which would be a very nice feature that the MAC doesn't have. If anybody has any advice or stories and such about either of these fixtures, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Senior Team
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I have used the studio spot before, its a decent instrument. For a danceish show the colors should be ok for ya, but they are very R&R. It moves well, its actually pretty punchy. Never used the martin product, but if you can get the high end, and have the iris, get the high end product. Now if you could afford a PC beam or a 575 CMY, that would be your best bet for the low end spot, but the 250 will work.

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