Studio Spot 250 vs MAC 250E


Does anybody have any experience with both of these fixtures? We are looking to rent some for our upcoming production of footloose, and I was wondering if anybody had any advice on which way to go. The Studio Spots are much closer (They are in NH where as the MAC's are in Mass, and we are in Maine). The other reason I am leaning towards the Studio Spots because they have an iris, which would be a very nice feature that the MAC doesn't have. If anybody has any advice or stories and such about either of these fixtures, it would be greatly appreciated.

PS- The MAC250's are the ENTOURS


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Premium Member there a Studio Spot 250?

Meh if you're looking at the Studio Spot 575...I'd probably go with the Mac...they tend to be a little punchier (though I can't vouch for this on the 250 as I haven't used it)...if its the Studio Spot CMY I'd go with the SS for the CMY....


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Yes, there is a 250. As for the Mac, be careful which one you're talking about. The original was a Mac 250 then the 250+, which had indexing gobos, and now there's the Krypton/Entour (Entour has 2 gobo wheels) and the CMY Wash. Outside of the iris, the Entour/Krypton/Wash blows it away. It's a ton brighter, faster, better gobos, etc. The reason being is that the Spot 250 is a way older fixture. So even if the lamps had the exact same hours, an Entour/Krypton would still be brighter.

The other thing that TOTALLY sucks on a Spot 250 is that it loses position. If you set a cue, then set another cue in another location, and return to the first, it will be off slightly. This may not be important, unless you're trying to hit an exact spot. And since you brought up the iris, I think it must be.

Go with the Mac, get a beam reducing gobo, and you'll be much happier.


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I can't find a single mention of the 250 on HES' website, which is weird. At any rate though, I'd definitely definitely recommend the Mac. Much newer, much newer, a whole lot of stuff. I've heard nothing but good about the Entour (fast as hell too). I don't know the CTO capabilities on either, but I'd figure that it's not a big issue to you. Definitely the Mac.


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You can't find mention of the Technobeam on High End's site either, but they certainly made that. Try going to the support area and under discontinued products you can discover there was indeed a Studio Spot 250 as well as a Studio Color 250.

The Studio Spot 250 has a 4000 lumen output to the 5000 of the Mac 250 Entour. They both use the same lamp, but the newer Mac fixture has more efficient optics.
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I've used them both, and they're both very good lights. The Entours will give you more reliability, as they're a much newer light (the Studio Spot 250s are a discontinued item). The iris can be a good selling point.


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As has been mentioned above, the SS250 is no longer made. They haven't been as of June or so of 2006.

High End discontinued their entire Studio 250 line.

Go with the Mac. You will be happy with it.

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