Submaster got stuck.. what did I do to myself?


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Last night "Elf" Ion board. I had some upstage very bright white christmas trees on their own sub.. Everything running from cues though. Start of show I'm seeing extra spill from under curtain and realize the trees (white lights) are up and on full.

Scanning my environment.. I see the submaster for the trees.. physical fader 10 is down, but the sub is at 100.. the lcd display is showing an up arrow next to the label name, and the bottom light on the bump button is blinking...

Run it up and down.. nothing.. no control.. pressed both buttons.. no control... brief panic ensues.... Finally just deleted the submaster so it wouldn't over ride what was programmed in my cues.

Frustrated, I looked at the submaster list... and even though deleted, it still showed 100 in the box for percentage, but I could not edit. that box.
After the show, I re created the sub.. on the same fader.. and it was there stuck at 100%... Manually ran the sub all the way up and down... and it came back under control and was happy.

So what did I do to cause this.. I'm sure some stray keying, or accidental park? I have some power relays I park at every startup that power projector and LED's
Or was it just the lighting gods reminding me who's in control.. or a cosmic ray hit on the memory chip?

The more I learn about the board, the more I realize I know maybe 10% of it's quirks and capabilities.
sub 10 full full pressed by accident, setting a manual value on the sub?

sub 10 enter about would have given you some diagnostics as to where it was getting its level from.
It was invited dress.. so not full audience.. sigh... That did mean I had some last minute tweaks from the previous nights notes pre show... Thanks for the sub 10 enter suggestion.. Even though I've never done this to myself before, nor do I expect to see it soon.. I might try to re create it with sub 10 full full after the show tonight, just to see. I am constantly forgetting to leave blind after patch, and then trying to record a cue.without watching the screen. that's my usual keyboarding error.. but I wasn't patching last night.
It is different. Out means

Home returns the sub to its default value. Out sets the intensity to zero. It can make a big difference for inhibitive and effect subs, for example.
Out actually returns an inhibitive sub to it's default value, you need to use '0' for it to actually inhibit.

Also, @Jay Ashworth "out" is self terminiating, so "out out" is just pressing extra buttons to burn calories.

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