Okay, so I am with a group doing a production of Aida, and we've got basic lighting, but we are searching for good intel lighting. Only catch is, the price cant be too high, any suggestions?


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Rather broad. Do you want profile or wash fixtures? Scanners or moving heads? Do you want to buy or rent? What's the wattage of the conventionals that they have to compete with??


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What's your budget and what types of effects are you looking for?

If you want top of the line gear from someone like Martin or Varilite, it's probably going to cost you around $10,000-$15,000 per moving light. If the effects you are looking for are not so high on the complication scale then there are several mid range companies out there like Robe, Chauvet and Elation in the $3,000-$5,000 range. Down at the DJ level there are units for a few hundred each. There are also lots of options in between you generally get what you pay for, although there are some decent pieces of equipment coming from the midrange price companies.

If it's only for the one show have you looked at renting? (My local theater supply place rent's Martin Mac 500's at $500 1st week, $250 each additional week.) You could rent a whole show worth of gear for the cost of purchasing just one good ML.

Also what is your light console and power situation? You may need to upgrade there as well. Typically intelligent lighting needs to be on a non-dim circuit because it has its own dimmer built into the unit. In some cases you can actually damage the unit by running it on a dimable circuit.
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I'm a fellow Virginian with a number of intels in stock. Give me more information regarding your performance area, trim height, dimensions, what lighting levels the intels will work against and what you're trying to achieve. I'd be glad to help.


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I know where an elephant is availible for Aida.:grin: She's really sweet and has done the show twice for Portland Opera. I'm no use for Intells though.:(

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