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Summer Job june-august with housing!

Discussion in 'Stage Management and Facility Operations' started by superdoo, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Bismarck, ND
    I am looking to hire a stage carpenter for our season this year. The job dates are roughly, the beggining of June to the first week in August.

    This job does pay and you will be provided a place to live free of charge.

    -About the company- Sleepy Hollow Summer Theatre is an outdoor youth theatre company in Bismarck, ND that focuses on teaching kids 12 to 20 years old all aspects of live performance. This season we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary with The Wizard of Oz followed by Into the Woods.
    Another mission of SHST's is provide young proffesionals a platform on which build their portfolios and resumes by hiring young designers, directors, choreographers and technicians that are capable of working with eachother to ensure a quality performance for our patrons and a positive experiance for our cast members.

    We are currently looking for a stage carpenter to work with our Technical Director and cast members above the age 14 to constuct the sets and assist with all other aspects of the productions.

    Pay will depend on experiance and qualifications.

    If I missed some obvious peices please feel free to let me know.

    If interested PM me.

    *sorry about the spelling I chose not to download ispell.;)

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