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Sunlite Question - Random Strobing?

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Flea, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Flea

    Flea Member

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    I posted this on another lighting forum but there were no replies, so I thought I'd try my luck here.

    I'm not a big fan of Nicolaudie's Sunlite, but it's really cheap to hire ($50 for a couple of days as opposed to $300-$400/day for a Hog 1k or something similar), so I regularly find myself using the software on show's with a small budget. Unfortunately I find that the software is really limited with what you can do... especially when you move from solely working with Hogs for 3 yrs. It's a big slap in the face when you move from a stable, really flexibile console to something that crashes every 5 minutes.

    Anyway, has anyone figured out a way to replicate a random strobe effect with Sunlite? I've searched through and pressed every button but nothing seems to work.

  2. N.Webber

    N.Webber Member

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    Hi Liam,
    I would think any questions regarding SL would have a better chance of getting first hand answers if posted on the SL forum at
    I don't consider myself a SL expert or even a lighting designer as I am basically a 'noise' guy.
    Running a small SR & Lighting business I also deal with the lighting 'stuff'.
    I have only recently moved to SL, and contrary to your impression I find it very stable, user friendly and extremely versatile.
    To answer your question regarding generating a 'random' strobe effect.
    You should create a scene button and open its editing window.
    There you have the option of creating a sequence of steps (Easy Step) at which you can have different fixtures go on, leaving 'empty' steps (steps with no fixtures operating) in between and assigning different duration times for these.
    Hope I was clear...
  3. stonehedge99

    stonehedge99 Active Member

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    Wherever I Am
    Hi Liam,

    Welcome to the club. I also bought Sunlite Suite. Horrible, mixed up software {will show vague foreign language errors and their support staff will say "so what"} and ZERO ! after sales service filled with belligerence. They are extremely money minded and for any simple question about programming will only keep asking questions like, "where did you buy this", "when did you buy it", "oh you bought it so long back, i wont support it then, why dont you rebuy the new one", And here is the kicker "Yes our software has a bug in it, gobo shake etc will show in reverse in the 3d vizualizer, if your actual light is fast gobo shaking, then in the visualizer it will be slow, :), Yes its a bug, no i cant correct it, you have to learn to live with it", "yes we sold you a software saying its english, but our software has a bug, it will change to latin everytime you start it, i think its unable to identify, even i dont know how this happens, hmmmm, will you consider buying a new software and interface".

    These are all real answers i got from the owner himself on the phone and on email and i can share it to prove. Some people seem to work with it with no problems, so i dont mean to put down the second posters opinions, i respect it and am happy at least someones getting something out of it. But i somehow just cant digest people who when you email and ask how to create a button (considering the software is given 'free' and they encourage people to learn how to use it) reply with "where did you buy the interface", "tell us your interface code", and finally he wont even answer your problem.

    Im just sharing my experience of what i consider to be the worst buy i made into the event industry equipment. And i have bought 35,200 usd worth of equipment so far, and have had some disappointments, but not a total waste like this. I have yet to use it on even one show yet due to bad support not allowing me to even learn it. Try posting on their forum, they wont answer for even a month. Many of the few posts i put there didnt get even a single answer. They mostly try to focus and answer only people who are planning to buy their product, not the ones who've already bought.

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