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Durring the run of a show today our hanging mic a Sure MX202 Microflex Overhead microphone started buzzing. All of a sudden it just started buzzing at -20 db lvl on the board. No build up to the buzz or anything, just all of a sudden in the middle of the show it was there. Durring intermission I unplugged it and plugged it back in and that stopped the buzzing. Buzz then returned in the middle of the next act even louder...

Anyone know what might have caused this? And how to fix it?
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My first thought would be the connection got abit loose if just unpluging and pluging it back in was enough to fix it. I have had some situations where the XLR is not completely locked into the connector and the spring that is supposto hold it in acutall pushes it out slightly. Unfortunatly, this is really just a guess.

Also, it may not be a bad idea to open up the connectors on the cable and just double check that all the connections are good, or take a Multimeter to it while wiggling the cable to see if continuity drops at some point.

Otherwise, it may be hard to figure out until it happens again.
Well it did come back durring the next act. The mic is plugged into a snake and doesn't have a spring clip to push it out... Also there is no one that walks anywhere near this cable or could even reach it without going to a location well out of their way. So i know its not beening bumped out

Ok, i have been able to replicate the problem. But now its become even more confuseing.... The buzz slowly faded out on its own and now the mic is working like normal.
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Well, after atempting to replicate for the past hour and a half through various things... Nothing... Hope that this is a one time thing and it doesn't show up again is what i think is going to happen...
I've had this happen with a problematic 202 as well. Try unscrewing the capsule on the head and reseating it. Usually that stops the buzz problem for me. Also check the thin cable that goes from the mic to the XLR end. You want to verify that it hasn't been pinched or the insulation scraped off. Those thin cables are VERY sensitive and if you have bare wire exposed you run into some nutty grounding issues with phantom power.

I love my 202's. FANTASTIC little guys.

Yeah, problem is back yet again.... Ive tried all of the above on the sugestions.... Thanks Footer for pointing that it came back durring the show today...

What desk are you using this microphone with ? I am wondering whether you have a phantom power problem. How many bits of gear do you have on the phantom power? I would have a look at my cue sheets to see what I had on at the time the problem happens. Ie does this only happen at the same part of each show. If you have individual channel control on the phantom power then I would make sure it was turned off where it is not needed. Also double check you don't have any unbalanced lines connected to the xlr inputs on the desk as these can short the phantom supply causing hum.

Just a few ideas, hope they help.

Board is a Mackie SR24x4.

I have 3 floor mics also running on the phantom power supply (exact model has been covered since before i got here with gaff tape)

The problem has been happening randomly through the show.

Phantom power is a single switch for the board (unfortunetly...)

All that i am running through the board currently is:
1 Sure MX202 (chan 9)
the three floor mics that i don't have a model for (chan 10-12)
1 CD deck (run through direct-in line on chan 20)
2 Mini Disk Decks (both run through stereo lines)
1 Beta 58 (chan 18)
1 AKG C568 EB Shotgun mic (chan 19)
There are also 8 personal mics plugged into chan 1-8 but the units are not powered on

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