Control/Dimming Switch on lights from switch or DB ?


Hi Guys!

Just a question! Im currently doing lightings in a church installation setting. Basically, i currently switch on the lights via the normal wall switches or power iso. I also have access to the power db. So which do you guys normally use? I would prefer the db as i feel that the wall switches might wear out faster. let me know what are your thoughts! thanks!


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By PD do you mean the breaker panel? If so then it is not recommended to use that on a daily basis. Yes the switches will wear out faster (though really how much faster?) But a .50 cent light switch is a lot easier and cheaper to replace than a $50 breaker.

Also by using the breaker you will cause it to wear out faster, and it may not trip correctly during an over current situation causing an unsafe potential.


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I thought DB was "Dead Blackout" - the bottom on the console? I guess we need more clarification as to what that is in this situation.

I would prefer a method of utilizing basic light without the console if needed.


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DB is Distribution Board, a switchboard between the installation's main switchboard and the end load...
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