Taking your advice/solved (chain hoists)


First off I apologize for being confrontational and naive in my post, it wasn't intended.

I reached out to the previous owners, and the hoists have been certified in the past year, but I still won't use them until they're re-certified for us. I'll be paying out-of-pocket to ensure it gets done.

The main question of my post (the purpose of the 4th "ground" wire) was solved by testing with a voltmeter, and eventually looking at the internal wiring as recommended by the manual (visual inspection of all elements, where I should have started). The control cable had been replaced with a segment of 4-wire. The "ground" wasn't connected to anything at all inside. So it goes 🙃 and all the more reason for a re-cert.

Really appreciate the advice and discussion I got on my previous post. Asked a few rigging guys I know from previous jobs and they recommended SD20 IP68 3-pins as a connector that won't be mistaken for other uses, so I'll ask the inspector about that as well. I'll also be checking all of our rigging equipment cert history to make sure everything hung (since long before I was here) is also certified as needed.

Posting also to ensure nobody considers uncertified modifications to rigging equipment based on my previous post. Cheers all
Thank you! I'm so very glad, and releived, that you reached out to those folks, and that you've got working hoists now. Thank you for letting us know.

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