Those are both good sites....I am going to design my own site now. :evil: :twisted:
WOW I FEEL LOVED THAT SITE AVKID POSTED HAS A "Followspot Accessories" PAGE :evil: :twisted:
I'm getting the Gerber 800 Legend from Wal Mart, it's cheaper there. I had a Leatherman Wave but the Gerber has spring loaded pliers an better locking so I'm switching. Wave is nice though.
Well, this isn't a "techie" site, but it is a valuable resource:


Look under the library section for hundreds (yes, I said hundreds) of useful and well-written articles about almost every aspect of sound.

Also, Shure offers a number of useful guides to professional sound.
Do note that Tools for Stagecraft's prices are, with very few exceptionsl, the most overly, unjustifably, ridiculously high I've ever seen. As one specific example that I just noted this week, they sell Wavetek's pen style multimeter for $79.95. Wavetek's suggested retail price on this is only $49.95, and most retailers sell it for about $40.

I'm all for supporting people in our industry, but within reason. Paying 160% of the MSRP, however, is anything but reasonable.

I was just looking to purchase a Ripoffs brand pouch for my cellphone, and what TfS wanted for it before I paid for shipping was what it cost me including shipping anywhere else I looked.

There are some things you can only get from them, and some things they do have reasonable prices on, but it is very much a case for "buyer beware"--DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING THERE.

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