Technician vs Techie

Is it better to be called a Techie or Technician?

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I've heard some professions dont like to be called a Techie. Is this true and why is that? It seems so close to Roadie? Or does that fall under the same catagory.
I think this topic has come up before, but I believe the consensus was that techie is a term for non-professionals (ie: high school level) and someone who does technical work for a profession (hence: professional) would rather be called a technician. I think the terrible trio(ship, jo-jo, and wolf) would have some sage thoughts in this realm, since all three of them are professionals in technical theater in one area or another.
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I personally prefer technician. I think it sounds much more professional, especially when meeting people in other businesses. On top of that Techie sounds way too much like Trekkie(SP?), and I just don't want to be confused as a Shatner fan.
Jo-JotheSoundDog said:
I personally prefer technician. I think it sounds much more professional, especially when meeting people in other businesses. On top of that Techie sounds way too much like Trekkie(SP?), and I just don't want to be confused as a Shatner fan.

I would prefer technician also. It sounds much cooler. And also when people ask me what I do in the drama club, if I say "I'm a techie.", they don't know what they heck I'm saying. But if I say "I'm a technician.", they know that I do technical stuff. Anyway I guess it depends on how you see yourself.
yea, it's already been discussed.

Call me the Master Electrician if you will as a professional title. I'm not a techie much less a technition anymore for anyone but the most simplistic of corporate clients that I could care less about anyway - similar to the respect they would give me. I paid my dues in doing shows and have a certain more amount of respect due. Officiallly I'm support staff, or asst. Equipment manager.

Today I was described to a client as the head of the R&D department. I liked that even if only a part of my job. But since I work at a rock and roll lighting company, them people are commonly called roadies inspite of them being technitions. Roadies are a much lower form of life than Techies or Technitions. Roadies are one step above "Carnies" in being a person to watch your children around. Technitions for the stage are about on the level with a carpenter in respect for being a trained professional but not quite at the level of a engineer or pumber - plumber's crack or not and real electrician.

Were I back on stage and part of a crew, techies might be just fine in comparing me to the "talent" or actors in an unofficial way. But techies assumes a certain amount of lack of professionalism to it's term thus by the time you are out at least of college, you wont' hear it much.

Stagecraft forum about six months ago had a very lively discussion about this topic. Perhaps a search into that topic might lend a bit more info on the subject of what other "professionals" call themselves besides the terrible trio. Wolfe ya techie! he he he!

To which his reply is that I don't care what you call me as long as I'm paid for my skill level. Much like wearing a suit for a show in certain situations. It's not work clothes but if it's expected and appropriate and will pay rent, what the heck a suite with a C-Wrench in the pocket.
ship said:
Call me a "Roadie" and you have just pissed me off. "You would not like me when I'm angry."

hehe..reminds me of the god-awful movie with Meatloaf called "Roadie"...ugh..

When I'm in a theater--I'm a electrican, technician or Tech Director...on a concert or corporate show I'm "crew" or stagehand..or "lights" (Electrician or electrics) or just "sound" crew or engineer.....not ever a roadie or "loader" or "hand"....but technician is ok too tho in that arena.

Overall..I prefer the term "industry professional" or "sound engineer" or "lighting engineer/designer/electrician" leaves a lot to the imaginiation and uses words people NOT in the biz can sorta relate to--which is good since I hate trying to describe my job and career to people who just can't grasp what it IS exactly that I do for a job. Half the time I just describe my job as "you know the guy you see in the middle of a concert audience at a big control console? or the guy who is in all black backstage? that would be me..thats what I leave me alone. " =)

Of course, there is always the acronym I made up a while back for the theater I work in to describe us A-listers: S.E.A.L.S. Stage, Electrics, Audio & Lighting Specialists. But maybe thats just vain? =)

Roadies are one step above "Carnies" in being a person to watch your children around

Oh that takes me back to my carnie days. Boy talk about getting treated like dirt. Isn't the only thing under a carnie a politician?
Jo-Jo said:
Isn't the only thing under a carnie a politician?

Now we are venturing in to the realm of necessary evils...
"Necessary Evils?" I might dispute that. I personally like how Tom Clancy wrote about his new Jack Ryan run government during his latter series novels, or at least how Jessy "the body" Ventura wrote about what's need for public servants. You know, I once voted for Perot for Pres. not because I thought he was the solution but because I thought he would at least shake things up. Too bad we don't have a more realistic than the two party system.

But than of course, I'm from Chicago where we have our own world of politics and everybody is a Democrat. Even Senators that were thrown outof politics due to questionable practices and loyalties can run for president here. Hello, you were tossed out of office because you are a stupid person, in a just world do you really stand a chance of becoming the first woman president? Than of course she is Democratic, anything is possible and probable if Jessy Jackson is at your side.

Not as bad as Washington DC with a convicted drug user running the show, but almost as bad. I used to be a cog in the machine politics myself. After the Mayor Daily closing of one airport by militarisitc coup and wasting money on another non-funded improvement debacle, I'm not much of a fan anymore.

But they are defiantly at least a lower form of life if not apart from ratings of those in normal jobs. Who do you trust you kids with, a Carnie or a Politician?

Great question in which is a lower form of life.
ship said:
I personally like how Tom Clancy wrote about his new Jack Ryan run government during his latter series novels

I would be a very happy man if we had such a president in office.

I love the Jack Ryan novels, just finished Red Rabbit... it rocked... Not as good at Patriot Games, but eh... can't ask for a miracle from every book of his.
The Jack Ryan series is the only one I ever read twice including that of the Lord or the Rings Trilogy. Okay, I did read that twice but it was far different. But Dave, go shopping, I just bout "Teeth of the Tiger" at Jewel - a local gracery store of all places. It's the latest part of the series. Did you read the entire series? Great fiction and amazing in realism. Long before 9/11 with the plane crashing into Congress at the end of one book I was struck with the concept much less the cliff hanger ending that kept me on pins and needles months until the next book came out.

I'm on page 220 of the newest book so far. It's not as good - in many ways it started going down hill with Rainbow Six. Fairly good book but very different - at least so far, this book isn't great, but is worth a read. One word of warning to you that I didn't have the advantage of is that this book takes place about ten years later and features Jack's son. Were the book better written alone for those of us that remember where he left it all off, it would have been easier to get back into. Anyway, it's still the Jack Ryan series. I never got into his other serieses or books much. "Every Man a Tiger", - boring!

"Debt of Honor and "Execuitive Orders" if I remember right are my favorites for at very least the amount of real world horror in a realistic sense they seem to me. Hmm, we do shows at similar convention halls to the ones mentioned. That means our crew people come home, talk to me when they get back and a few weeks later I'm infected. Nasty! and always at the back of my head.

PS. the last Tom Clancy movie really sucked compared to the book! Hate the star, hate the PC changes much less other things about it. Wish I never saw it unlike the other movies that were decent.
i'm just reading through all of this stuff and being new and all i find it hilarious to see it go from a battle b/w technician vs techie to Jack Ryan and Tom Clancy. i call myself techie but i'm in high school so i'd think once in college people would rather be called technician for the whole profession thing.
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I personally prefer to be called Assistant To The Overlord Of All Things Theatre but thats just me.

I think that the idea of being called a technician over a techie based on experience for the most part is a good one. Its a sign of respect in my mind.
I honestly don't mind... My job title at work is a "Theatre Technician" we do all sorts of stuff for productions that visit etc.
I work for a couple of event companies also, where I am the "Lighting Technician/Designer".

Techie, Tech or Technician doesn't really bother me, although on business cards and in a professional manner Technician suits much better... in a lax environment, "ask the tech" or "see the techie" is alllll goood.

Meh, which ever does it for ya :p

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