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    Im jacking around with some HES Technobeams. I was going to to go change the working lamp in one of the white fixtures to a broken lamp in a black fixture. When I did I gave power back, it said lamp error before booting up. When I go to test then to lamp on it flashes LERR. I thought it was weird so I took the working lamp and put it into a fixture I knew was working, as I had just tested it. It did the same thing. I continued to do this and now have 8 techno beams in the graveyard. I have check the fuses, voltage, everything looks fine. I’m sure I'm missing something basic.... any ideas? I haven’t bought brand new lamps yet. The lights are just here for me to take apart and try to learn a bit more about the maintenance and repair of a moving light. (any resources in that field are welcomed) so I haven’t wanted to spend the $250 for a lamp on fixtures that I don’t use. That being said, I know seven of these lamps worked before I changed them.
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    So can you photo the pins on the lamps removed? And in general look at the lamp pins to see if arched or corroded? Should be shiny silver. If a lamp is corroded.... it might still work in one fixture removed from with a bad base fitting to it, but will not work in another base with a good or bad base - either next fixture. Should a bad lamp work, but with corrosion, it will quickly corode the new lamp socket now installed into. Also look into the lamp base wiring for heat damage, and explore the concept of a bad ignitor.

    Normally bad karma to swap lamps between fixture as per above unless inspected, working and in very good condition for testing. Normallly a Philips MSD250/2 type lamp (with description nomenclature changes.) Or GE, Osram or Ushio installed. Very stable lamp type, believe Philips says they are rated currently for 3,000 hours, outer globe single ended lamp. How much snow on the globe of either lamp, and indeed again the pins of it condition - no dark spots on the pins? More info needed.

    I'm a lamp inspector not a fixture service tech. Can't tell you how to measure the voltage applied. But can easily on a lamp normally tell to within like 100 hours, that lamp life use, and view lamp base pins or sockets and tell about a bad lamp socket... that and also often look at the globe and tell if it's a fixture problem.... Often over heating or some voltage issue. Send on the photos of the lamps in question, might be able to help. I have literally a few thousand lamps inspected under magnifying glass under my belt of over 20 years experience in inspecting bad lamps. Photo's provided might be useful lamp/fixture wise tell you what is going on.
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