Technobeam with a faulty focus - need help


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I've been teching all of my gear for a NYE show. One of the technobeams is not focusing properly. The lens tube seems to be sticking when moving forward and backwards. Its not completely stuck, but it seems to jam. I haven't taken it apart yet and normally, I would just replace the motor, but it looks like the motor is fine. Anyone else see this issue or know of a solution? I want to start programming tomorrow, but I won't be able to get parts until monday.

On a side note, I just secured a 50 watt YAG Laser for the show for free. I'm not sure if we're going to use it or not, but it just got built and the manufacturer is going to lend it to me for testing and burn in time. 50w, 12k scanners, and a pangulin system on a laptop. I can't think of a reason to say no. Except that it requires 2 gallons of water a minute and our recirculator/chiller may not be contructed in time. Also, there's not enough power in the venue, so I'd have to run a generator.
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