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Discussion in 'LDI 2015' started by DELO72, Oct 13, 2015.

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    Hi Folks,

    If you're coming to the LDI 2015 tradeshow, please swing by our booth to see our live presentation on new lighting technologies. We'll be showing some of our latest innovations in metal halide lamps inside some of the amazing fixtures out on the market from top companies like Chauvet Professional, Martin Pro, Robe, DTS, and Clay Paky. And if you like what you see in our booth, then definitely swing by THEIR booths where you get to really see their fixtures in action and all that they are capable of!

    We'll also be showing the KREIOS FLx 90W Flood Light, and a preview of three new LED fixtures coming soon.

    Our booth is located in the center of North Hall 4. We hope to see you at the show!
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    Hi CB, if you are speaking in a conference session or working in a booth please tell us what you are doing and where to find you.

    What is the cool new thing you will be showing off?

    What will your session be discussing?
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    Greetings from your friends at Pathway Connectivity. We're in Las Vegas putting the final touches on booth #1929 and look forward to visiting with you there.

    This year, you will see the new Choreo controller. We call it Broadway Power in a 3-gang wallbox. Put another way, it is all the power of the Cognito2 operating system packaged in a 7" capacitive touchscreen in a stylish wall-mount bezel.

    Our entire booth is a live lighting rig where you can get hands on with Cognito2 and Choreo.

    We are also very pleased to offer a new software release for VIA, our entertainment class managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch. New features include:
    • DHCP Server
    • IGMP Snooping
    • QoS for Dante applications
    • Port-by-port bandwidth monitoring
    • "Trap and Convert"
    You may ask, "what is Trap and Convert?". We are really excited by this patent pending technology. It strips ("traps") noisy broadcast protocol at the very port where the controller is connected to the network and modifies ("converts") the show data to industry standard E1.31 sACN. Our team of networking experts will be on hand to discuss this with you in detail.

    Welcome to Las Vegas and LDI 2015.
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    We shot a video of the new Choreo controller that we'll be posting in the next day or two. I had a great conversation with Pathway's techs about their VIA switch and it quite amazing. There is some serious processing power under the hood of VIA and their Trap and Convert system is jaw-dropping.

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