Design Issues and Solutions Tempest Enclosure Cleaning


Jan 12, 2016
Orlando, FL
Hey CB.

So my employer has a unique... problem. We utilize a variety of Tempest Tornado enclosures for our VL3500s and VL880s out on a hydrotechnic show. This means they get a variety of beatings, mostly from humidity, grime, and weather. However, we do have one very wonderful problem that we can't seem to do anything about: seagull crap.

So, here's our current "solutions" to getting these Tempests clean and keeping them clean. Would any of you have BETTER ideas for keeping them clean? I've included some of my own at the bottom.

1) Seagull Prevention: We have a squawkbox designed to scare away seagulls. Problem is, with audience members, *ahem* guests, feeding them constantly, they've pretty much learned to ignore the squawkbox, and sit wherever they darn well please.
2) Dome Cleaner: It's Windex. Without any of the potency. It's a basic thermal plastic cleaner, and it really doesn't do well, especially when spread all over the domes with a cotton smeary cloth. Let's also mention that these domes are on top of vertical 6ft sticks of truss that are only accessible via unsafely climbing the barges upon which they sit. Sketchy.
3) A Hose: This sort of works, except for the fact that bird crap LOVES to harden and fuse itself to the domes, and line-pressure hose water just isn't going to cut it, thumb on top or not. We've added some garden sprayers, but that really doesn't do much better.

1) Pressure Washing: So I've been to the Tempest website, and they're not stating any details on what PSI water pressure their domes can handle, but I feel as though pressure washing would be the most efficient method.
2) Anti-PETA: Before anyone gets too aggressive, I hate to admit that *cough* terminating an individual seagull will often eliminate seagull problems for a portion of time. This is decently cruel but it's a very long-term solution; if executed (*cough* pun) properly, possibly even permanent.
3) Better Cleaners: Are there better chemicals suitable for cleaning Tempests that are rated for the thermal plastic? And can be scrubbed without abrasively damaging the surface?

Thanks everyone!