Temporary outdoor adhesive?


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So I am producing a show on our outdoor stage and designers really like to build little ground rows that go right against the proscenium walls but I can't screw to the floor or the wall so it always ends up a challenge of trying to drop some wires to hold the flats against the wall or figuring out some sort of low profile foot.

This year I was wondering if maybe someone know of a simple product I can just temporarily glue a painted sheet of lauan to the wall and save me a lot of time and effort.
The walls are painted stucco and get a fair amount of sun/heat. Does anyone happen to know of a product that could accomplish this while being fairly easy to remove?

Mostly I just need something to keep a lauan sheet from falling away from the wall it would be sitting on the floor. (but if there is something that could let me hang 10-15lbs completely off the floor even better)


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How long is your season (or the run of the show?) Do you need to change these ground rows during the season for different shows? What's behind the stucco? (Masonry or frame construction?) The easiest thing may be nail/screw some vertical furring strips to the wall, then just patch the stucco after you strike at the end of the season.


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2 productions from load in to strike about 3-4 weeks each
ground row only 4' tall

I have a few of the above suggestions coming in today and some non-essential walls around back I will test them on and will get back to you on any success


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A bit of knowledge I keep in my back pocket is that alcohol breaks hot melt glue’s bond with the surface it’s stuck to. Probably not useful here though.
Is the issue with screwing to the deck or wall that the owners don’t want a thousand random holes? Could you talk them into strategically placed threaded inserts that could be plugged with colored button heads to hide them?

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