Tent Lighting 2022


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Working in a 60' x 130 tent for a private schools fund raising auction I discovered a new LED fixture to pin spot the tables.

Only 3 watts with a very tight beam, they worked out very well.



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Tables look great! But is there enough light on the (probably uneven grassy) ground between them so that the half-drunk participants and waiters who keep them "lubricated" don't trip?


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The fixture features a 10 degree beam spread and is 3200 Kelvin.

I'm reading 12 fc and 130 Lux at 14 feet and just shy of 36" in diameter.

Draws 3 watts, measures 3 x 4" and weighs in at 6.7 ounces.

Picture taken in my office Saturday night while watching the Yankee ball game.

What else would you like to see?



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Is 3200 the stated or measured color temperature? It looks like it's a much higher color temp in all of your pictures. I have some contacts I'd recommend these to if it's a true 3200 or lower color temp.


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what's the control? Dimmable or on-off?

Dan Fischer

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We used the exact same lights last year. We needed a cheap option for a choral type product of RENT last year. They worked out great. You can buy them off of Amazon for about $10 each (4 for $40).


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