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As always, I like to be aware of every fixture out I came across this on the Desisti website. It seems to essentially be an updated Olivette. Polished reflector and modern materials. And while I would classify this as a cyc or a broad, its the the orientation of the flat-sided reflector and the single ended lamp that make me see it more as the modern Olivette.

On the same token, I came across this on the Mole website. What would one use this for, some sort of point source? a ghost light on steroids?


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Yep that's another generation of that fixture, so is the Home Depot yellow work light in beam characteristics I think for the most part. It does work as a fixture type, just doesn't give a very soft edge. (Next up on my own service call is this exact fixture later.)

On the Mole light fixture, seen them... no idea of the use as it's not a ghost light in how it's lamped. Certainly not something I would be happy in providing to a show short of dual globe or screen over the lamp.


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Wow that Mole's something else.

"Everyone on set get out your sunglasses we are about to turn on the lamp."

and yet at more than about 10 feet away it's going to be basically useless due to the good old law of squares.


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Bare lamp = shadows. Used alot in the shadow puppet industry, as there can be no reflections and no lenses in the path of the light. A safe 1000W fixture such as that would be a large shadow puppet show's dream come true. Lots of times, they'll actually put a piece of blackwrap or a black metal cylinder around the lamp so that it just fills their screen and doesn't shine around it.

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