The Box Flood Reborn


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Sep 24, 2005
As always, I like to be aware of every fixture out I came across this on the Desisti website. It seems to essentially be an updated Olivette. Polished reflector and modern materials. And while I would classify this as a cyc or a broad, its the the orientation of the flat-sided reflector and the single ended lamp that make me see it more as the modern Olivette.

On the same token, I came across this on the Mole website. What would one use this for, some sort of point source? a ghost light on steroids?


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Mar 29, 2003
Yep that's another generation of that fixture, so is the Home Depot yellow work light in beam characteristics I think for the most part. It does work as a fixture type, just doesn't give a very soft edge. (Next up on my own service call is this exact fixture later.)

On the Mole light fixture, seen them... no idea of the use as it's not a ghost light in how it's lamped. Certainly not something I would be happy in providing to a show short of dual globe or screen over the lamp.


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Oct 27, 2005
Bare lamp = shadows. Used alot in the shadow puppet industry, as there can be no reflections and no lenses in the path of the light. A safe 1000W fixture such as that would be a large shadow puppet show's dream come true. Lots of times, they'll actually put a piece of blackwrap or a black metal cylinder around the lamp so that it just fills their screen and doesn't shine around it.