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Discussion in 'LDI 2015' started by dvsDave, Nov 1, 2015.

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    Every year, @gafftaper and I, as well the other CB members like @JChenault , @Ford , @GreyWyvern and many others, try to highlight the coolest stuff we find on the show floor. But there are also so many things that we see off the show floor, or around Vegas that we don't mention.

    These are just some of the oddball and awesome things we found on our trip.

    1. Monster Outlets to Go. We were up in the ETC Demo Room and shooting some video with @sclausenETC about the new fader wings for the Ion and Geo (video's coming soon) and afterwards were talking with Doug Tuttrup, one of ETC's Project Managers as he was packing up. He grabbed this small device that he had stuff plugged into and I was like, "What is that???" That was a little box that plugged into the wall and gave you three AC outlets and 2 usb ports (first port 1 amp, second port 2.1 amp). Doug said it was great at airports, everyone around him liked that he could more than double the ports available for charging! The picture shows the 2 USB outlets and one AC outlet, there are 2 more AC outlets on the other side and the prongs fold up when not in use. It's only $8.99 on Amazon right now!


    2. The High Roller at The LINQ (part of the Caesars Entertainment Corp). This insane Ferris wheel is 55 stories high, and over 520 feet in diameter. It doesn't look that big from a distance, but there are HUGE hotels that surround it, making it hard to get a sense of scale until you are at the base of it and staring up at this monstrosity. It's a hell of a feat of engineering. The wheel rotates on a pair of custom-designed spherical roller bearings, each weighing approximately 19,400 lb. Each bearing has an outer diameter of 7.55 feet, an inner bore of 5.25 feet, and a width of 2.07 feet. Each of the 28 observation balls is 22 feet in diameter and weigh 22 Tons each. It doesn't stop, you enter on one side and exit on the other after one revolution (which takes a half-hour). Take a look inside:

    <div class="CETGoogleMaps section">
    <iframe src=";layer=c&amp;sll=36.117660,-115.172788&amp;cid=3384827311381957815&amp;panoid=gUUzHvBtIiQAAAQXAct1Sw&amp;cbp=13,88.31,,0,7.31&amp;gl=US&amp;hl=en-US&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=&amp;ll=36.11766,-115.172788&amp;spn=0.006295,0.006295&amp;t=m&amp;cbll=36.117599,-115.168274&amp;source=embed&amp;output=svembed" height="400px" width="600px" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    </div>[/parsehtml]There's more I'll be adding to this thread and I'm sure @gafftaper will be along as well, but for right now I have to go test-setup a tent for my boys for their cub scout camp-out next week!
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    The most important part is that you can get a group together and rent out one of the balls out for two rotations with a bar service included.
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    If I recall, Lifehacker or Gizmodo just did a user poll to nominate the best versions of things like this. I do believe this one got mentioned a few times. I'd look for the article but it was a couple of months back and I'm in the process of doing grades so... bah.
    TLDR: people seem to like it
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