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The Crucible

Discussion in 'Safety' started by renegadeblack, Dec 7, 2008.

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    I knew we should have put out the ghost light.

    Last night was closing night of a three night showing of The Crucible. First night, we hit the cue too early, second night, I let a n00b manage the go button, he hit it one too many times, closing night was fun.

    For some reason, the board decided to skip a cue. I then had to compensate and do everything for that scene manually. In the middle of the scene, I was going to put everything up manually and go back a cue, but then I decided against that because I was afraid that hitting the go button would decide to wipe out what I had done, so I turned what I had up back down and it took out the lights that I had turned up. It overrode the cue! Fortunately, no one but my sound guy noticed, but I felt like a total heel!

    During intermission, we were playing some music that the director had given to us and someone forgot to put it on repeat. Instead, it replayed our pre-show announcement in the middle of intermission.

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