Historical Resource The Family Tools - A project by 3rd generation stagehand Sean Gallagher


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Here's a rather sentimental project I came across this morning. I follow several people on Instagram who specialize in collecting, restoring and selling old hand tools and related detritus. One account,@oldtape61, posted about this book and photography project by a 3rd generation Local 1 stagehand Sean Gallagher. He's an electrician, but his father and grandfather were carpenters. He's been arranging some rather enjoyable knolling of the contents of his father's and grandfathers workboxes on both his own website and Instagram under @gallaghertools


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I constantly use my I think Gradfathers' all steel 18" monkey wrench, and my younger guys at work do also in borrowing it. It's a tool that is itself and no longer made. I use it enough that I bought one for home (shorter and with wood handles) and another smaller for work. This even with me using it over the years of growing up for a hammer, and I cracked it's casting in missing... but in a way that does not detrement it's usage. It's like a C-Wrench on steroids. If you have watched the "Three Stooges" over the years.... that's the preferred 18" big steel monkey wrench they were hitting over each other's heads with.

Also, from "Three Stoges" from my Grand Father a Germain knife similar to te episode where the Three Stooges were stoways on a boat. Their benefactor - also a stowaway and a spy, had both watermelons and sausages I believe for food and micro film. This kiife was portrayed in the short movie a lot. I have one and it's the prefered knife to cut foam with. Grandpa took pride in cutting chesse and Sausage with it. I remember his using it. Possibly one of his WWII take homes.

I have my Dad's drafting set - he was a drafter for International Harvester from the 50's thru the 70's He drafted mostly in ink like I learned to prefer. Have them my Dad's treasure - his copuss set, but my own Alvin quick set compass was more useful. My compass recently failed say 40 years since bought in it's plastic quick reliece mechanism going bad.... it was a better upgrade to what my Father used. I was able to puchace both the same one I used and it's upgrade for my Daughter should she get into drafting. Or one for work, one for home in work similar for now.

Many tools passed on, one should consider. Craftsman wrench set... gold, Craftsman skill saw....

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