The Importance of Being Earnest


Our spring play is "The Importance of Being Earnest" is 2 months away. Iz bazed in 1890's England. The sets are an old apartment and a rich, country estate. Any lightin idears???
we JUST did that play for our fall performance! my school has a very simple light setup, consisting of 16 pars. yeah, 16 par's. some 56, some 64.

Mainly, I used diffusers, some amberish, similar to R02 but not quite the same, and then white. For act II, in the garden, I had four lights. two actually worked sometimes and not others due to the ceramic being damaged somehow. Two of them I left white but put a diffuser on. The other two I put amberish gels on, and I may or may not have had diffusers, I cannot remember. Worked pretty well, because I got the white, and then the amber sun look. For the inside, well it wasn't an extremely complicated set, but the walls were pained a golden brown, tannish color. I don't know if I have pics...I have a dvd, but not, on the walsl, I used two lights mainly to provide light on the far sides of the stage, and light up the walls at the same time. Used, again, an amberish gel, and the walls looked very very good. Oh, I should mention, I wasn't JUST lighting the walls, on both sides of the stage we had large painting hung on th wall, so it was lighting the paintings too. gee, I hope I am remembering our set right...I think we had paintings on both sides....

your lighting will probably be a little more advanced, but really, I ended up using amber and white, most with diffusion, but I was using DYS lamps, a par lmap might not be as bad. for the garden, a darker green on the plants/a trellis of ivy, that might look cool. if I can find pictures of our set, I will see if I can put them up.

very fun play. I was the TD and Algernon, but only in the second cast.

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