The New Lighting Boards In!


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American DJ DMX Operator Pro

Product Specifications:

136 total DMX Channels:
128 channels for Intelligent & 8 Channels for Par Cans
Intelligent (128 channels):
8 individual fixtures each with 16 DMX channels
96 programmable scenes
8 programmable chases with fade and speed control
DIMMER / ON/OFF (8 channels):
8 individual channels
96 programmable scenes
6 programmable chases with fade and speed control
Back-up memory using a 32 MB Compact Flash Card
Fog Machine trigger button
DMX Patching
Tap Sync
Fixture Group function
Step/Mix Sequence function: automatically sequences your chases
I'm working on creating a free-lance special event lighting company. For events that the city does, or local business, and people.

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