The one stop Stage Management Software Solution

... it didnt work :'(
Link doesn't work... and you really shouldn't link directly to an EXE file...... I SMELL A VIRUS!!!!

No j/k.
i googled it and found " " that to be the site but its expired or something. in its description is says its the "ultimate stage management software"
I can't get the page to come up...the search engines don't show that site. I have tried Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. None of them show this site.
AVGuyAndy said:
First, I posted that a year ago. Second, that link was a virus. I really don't care what platform it runs on.

If you didn't notice above, the software link was a new one a few posts above this one. And what did you post a year ago?
Avkid replied to me, quoting my post, which I posted about a year ago. A year ago, there was no good link.

If you were a good boy and used threaded view, I wouldn't have to be explaining this. Or if you do use threaded view, there is no hope for you in that case...

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