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Nice! Good for you avkid!

Tomorow (well, later today, as it is already after midnight here right now), i get to pull a 16 hour day at school. I have school all morning (with at least one assembly to run) and then I have to move our enitire "non-portable" system to our gym for a dance in the evening.

Somewhere along the line, somone figured out that the sound equipment from our auditorium was 'good enough' to DJ with, so now I get bugged into "DJ"ing dances with the schools equipment. They like it because it is chaper for them, and I like it b/c I still get paid quite well for doing it. The only big problem is, the system was not designed for dances, so I rig together nearly every piece of sound equipment we have to make something that sounds decent. (luckly the music that gets played at these dances is junk even before the amp and speaker distortion!)

If I can, i'll post some pics of the jurry-riged system. In the mean time, think of me carrying amps across my school at midnight tomorow night!

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