Theatrical Terms, Non-Standard


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[top]For The Shop

[top]Tools & Hardware

Precision Adjustment Tool - largest sledge hammer in the shop
Boingy Nuts - Unistrut nuts
Caveman Sledge - Stage Weight
Redneck Roadcase - Cardboard Box

[top]Units of Measure

RCH - Red C*** Hair, believed to be the thinnest hair around, thus the smallest unit of measure
Scoshe - Similar to a smidge, just a tiny bit...
Electric Rope - Extension Cord
Safety Electric Rope - Orange Extension Cord
[top]For Squints

Carpenter Focus - When a fixture gets hit by a piece of scenery or anything that is not supposed to hit the lights
Wiggle Lights - Sometimes also known as "Woogie Lights" are lights that apparently have a mind of their own (or a DMX input)
Focus Stick - In our theatre this usually refers to a stage brace at some extension used to nudge lights around, but it could be any long stick. The really adept users can even change gels with one.
Top Loader - Another term for "radial" or Incandescent ERS.
[top]Not Insults, but Real Things

Beaners: Carabiner clip
Dikes: Diagonal Cutters
Bastard Amber: A popular front light color, aka "Fatherless Amber," Apollo Gel# AP7050.
[top]For Squeaks

Audio Log: A short piece of wood, usually a 2x4, "painted" with black gaffer's tape, used to elevate a wedge floor monitor to get a better angle.



legs = tormentors
borders = teasers
Catywompus - it isn't just a little off, its catywompus
redbull- Nectar of the theater gods
gaff tape- duct tapes non-residue nemesis.
Theater Technician- People in the auditorium who make the show happen.
Technical Director- 1) in the eyes of the TD- he or she is the pinnacle of technical greatness. 2) in the eyes of all the other techs- boss.
Actors- self-centered people that like to dance on stage while wearing makeup. The Ultimate nemesis is the Technicians

Or the look on the new kid's face when we say we're going to "hang the blacks" (Black Velour Stage Draperies).
Dead Baby Seals: Easy way to make a sandbag. Take a tire inner tube, Zip-tie one end several times, fill with sand, zip-tie other end. Result is a 10-25 lb. sandbag that looks like a dead baby seal. Not for overhead or Fly System use!

See this excellent list:, by Bill ("Uncle Bill") of Sapsis Rigging.
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