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so, for anyone who has read my previous post called "I Swear Ive done this Before", it gets worse. So the other day, we had our actual show that those rehersals were for. Granted we lost a day because of weather and stuff, and i lost my day off, and new equipment came in (whos dumb idea was this?!?! New speakers and subs and amps and rewireing stuff right before the biggest production of the year when were already behind!?!) Well, I was dang proud of myself. Not only did i get everything finished on sound in time, but i got to go home for a couple hours before the show and get odd occourance for me. Start heading back to the house, and weathers getting crappy. Leave for the aud, even more crappy. About an hour before the show the lights flicker a couple times, we panic, and then I get busy tracking down preformers that havent shown up yet for a sound check and get in a grumpy mood... Got to where i didnt notice the yelling on my headset about voltage lose in the powershack, o well, what could go wrong right? ( I should have taken the preformers not showing up untill an hour late as my first bad omen, right?) So, its time, we start the show, the anthem goes good, and everything is hunky dory...then the opening act gets plugged in wrong while my backstage tech is in the bathroom with a bloody nose. (bad omen number 2?) So, i cut the mics before they start, get flipped the bird as the curtain drops (dang rockers) and all in the opening act...its going to bea long night. Now, the second group, really just a single vocalist with some backups played on the computer, is up. Once again, i hear of voltage dropping, but this time is to my amps...uhoh.. Thank god for beast in an half battery backups, right? Little did i know that the back ups didnt get plug in when the ME gave juice to the new amps!! And so we lose soundin everything but the stage moniters.. crap.. Time for a quick intermission!!

I run upstairs, fix the amps, and were off and running again in a few minutes after making sure nothing was fried. Everythings great..but then the power goes compleatly for a couple seconds, crashing the deck computer, the laptop slaved to my sound board, as well as the sound board. Now im almost screwed, right? (omen 50 by now? Shouldnt we have given up?) Now i learn that in my absence for dinner the tech director had a rookie cleann off my deck...who in turn threw away my backup CDs, and my notes were on the computer...uh oh.. So i decided to have another intermission and just swap boards compleatly and pull out my trusty old analog board and mix by the seat of my pants. The show came out alright with a couple more power issues, a few trashed lamps, some fried cables, and a rigger with a couple staples from walking into a pipe when the power went out, but all in all it was a (somewhat) success. Have to say that the next day i left for FL from WNY, went and did the Disney thing, and watched a few shows. Saw one where it was just hell for the techs. Nothing went right, almost like mine, but feedback galore and everything, and it made me feel a heck of alot better!

Sorry guys if your reading this...but it helped me...


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Ah the best laid plans of mice and techs......... Well look at it this way, perhaps you've used up all your bad luck for the year. I feel for you.

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