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Tony's Best Lighting Design Award Nominations

Discussion in 'News' started by dvsDave, Jun 2, 2003.


2003 Tony's Best Lighting Design Award should go to...

  1. Donald Holder - Movin' Out

  2. Nigel Levings - La Bohème

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  3. Brian MacDevitt - Nine The Musical

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  1. dvsDave

    dvsDave Benevolent Dictator Administrator Senior Team CB Mods Fight Leukemia

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    DC Metro Area
    <table width="500" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><tr><td>[​IMG]</td><td>Movin' Out

    Donald Holder</tr><tr><td>[​IMG]</td><td>La Bohème

    Nigel Levings</tr><tr><td>[​IMG]</td><td>Nine The Musical

    Brian MacDevitt</tr><tr><td>[​IMG]</td>

    Kenneth Posner</tr></table>

    Cast your vote now at!

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