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on another thread,, Ship made a joke about the altman wrench how you could argue that it is a religious artifact and not a blunt object to hit people with if your flying. this made me raise the question; What does anybody in the theatre world do when they have to fly with theyre tools? is there any way to bring them with you? or are you just pretty much stuck?
the tsa has a list on its website of what you can bring on a plane either check or carry one or both. For some odd reason you can't bring any pressurized containers on so if your tool uses it, find another way to get it to your destination. Here a link for the pdf file that tells you check or carry on.
Sombra2 said:
For some odd reason you can't bring any pressurized containers

Because the cargo hold of a plane isn't pressurized and if a pressurized cylinder were in the hold, it may explode and cause a rupture in the skin of the plane. I doubt it could really happen, but who knows.
hunters can take guns, im sure you can take a wrench if you pack it properly. i always bring my leatherman on trips, it comes in handy evereywhere. i just put it in my bag that goes under the plane and there is no problem. on a side note, earlier this year my grandma got onto a plane with 10"scissors that fell off a desk into her purse. she didnt realize it till she got home and the security didnt say anything.
TSA is suppose to stanardize security at security checkpoints. However my dad knows people that work there and each person who he talks to say different things about different security procedures (ie. pda goes in plastic tray out of case or not). Thus for the government what suppose to happens mostly doesn't happen.
I know for transporting paintball tanks they required the regulator to be screwed off, some might let it slide if the gauge reads zero but others are by the book.
well pressurized gasses i can understand, i mean it would be stupid to run that risk, if the plane blows up cause someone misread a guage evereone will feel really bad and stupid, but tools below the plane should not cause problems for anyone.
Having recently travelled to the US on business I was surprised at the lack of uniformity in security between different airports (I passed through 5 different ones).

I picked up some tools and various other pieces of inventory whilst there and when it came time for me to fly home, I ensured that most of the items were packed either in a heavy duty cardboard box or in my suitcase.

When I checked these items at the airport, I asked if the box could be properly sealed (I just placed some tape on to hold the lid closed) and if my suitcase could be locked up once past security (I put the locks on undone and taped to the case to prevent them from falling off). I also placed a list of the contents of the box and description of the tools inside the box and the suitcase.

When I collected my luggage at my home airport, I was very pleased to see that the locks were in place, locked and with security tape over them and that the cardboard box was also taped up at every seem.

I think that if you do the right thing and follow the guidelines, then you will be OK. I am not sure about the pressurised containers though (maybe butane or propane) but you cannot tell me that every one leaves their can of deodorant or shaving cream at home??
well the shaving can thing is true, but a can of shaving cream if it explodes will give you very foamy luggage, a can of a pressurized gas like butane or methane could explode in a big firey ball

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