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Vertigo Flying Effects & Rigging (based in the Chicagoland area) will be holding our annual TOP Flight Masterclass, July 30 - August 3.
TOP Flight is an annual, multi-day workshop that trains technicians, operators and performers on installing flying systems, operating flying equipment, and conducting flying choreography.

In the past, participants from around the world — riggers, administrators, actors, dancers, aerialists, technical directors, and other entertainment professionals — that attend TOP Flight receive the knowledge and practicality of operating a flying system.

By completing TOP Flight, ETCP Certified Individuals earn up to 30 ETCP renewal credits.

This year’s TOP Flight will be hosted in the O’Connell Theatre in Northern Illinois University’s Stevens Building.

To register, please visit
I am also available to answer any questions! [email protected]
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Although I've never been able to clear my calendar to attend (darn holiday season prep), I can tell everyone here the instructors and the knowledge you'll gain from them is untouchable. Simply having Tracy Nunnally and Bill Auld in the same room at once is worth the price of admission, but it's way more than that.

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