hey guys i'm heading out on tour june 14th with Tom Jones, Tower of Power(my all time favorite band) and Etta James for a month. I'll post pictures when i get back or as i take them!
Have you not thought that by posting on a public open forumn that you are going to be going out on tour for a month, and people know who you are you migt come back to find an empty house... just a thought, tis why i never put information like this onto the web!
wow thats paranoid
that does seem a bit paranoid. If I were going out on a tour I would want people to know I was part of the group that made it possible... Like if I was running FOR and someone from cb stoped by and said hi, I think that would be cool.
yea i'm not too worried about it man....and yes that is pretty paranoid. i'm on the road a lot, so most of the stuff that means anything to me can be found in the bay of the bus. OH NO! what if someone comes looking for the bus and i come home to an empty bay? rats.
What kind of work will you be doing, specifically?
I've done stuff taking the family with and others when I've left them at home. It's kind of weird either way.

If it's material stuff you're worried about, my attitude is do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you? If it's irreplacable, get it to a friend or relative before you go.
if you have home insurance then don't worry. If not, talk to some companies and see if you can get covered for a month or two.
i was flying stage left PA and stage teching with tom jones. But i'm actually out with 311 now flying PA and doing monitors for both 311 and the opening act, Pepper. coming to a town near you!
it's the new d&b J Series as well as the Q series. We're the first company to ever hang it in the states. It's 10 J8's, 2 J12's per side as the mains and 8 Q1's as the side hangs. All powered by d&b D12 amps with Rope C control and Dolby Lake processors. Hands down the best PA i've ever heard....lookout VDOSC!

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