Trouble with Lycian Superstar 1275

Hey there Lampies,

So I have a pair of Lycian Superstar 1275 spots in my theatre. I have NO idea how old they are but the they are in pretty good shape. Until recently. One of them has started having a flicker and loss of output with in the last few months. It only happens once in awhile. I've replaced the lamp about 600 hours ago. I've also just taken the spotlight in question completely apart and dusted cleaned it from one end to the other. (This had never been done before.) It was working fine since I gave it some TLC, but then during tonight's' show it started acting up again, after running for about 30 minutes. Nothing appears burnt on the PCB, or servo motors. Internal cabling all appears fine. Fans are all working.
I am concerned it may be the ballast.
I would appreciate any pointers on where/how I should even begin to troubleshoot the electrics. Or any other advice.

Thanks in advance!


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Since you have two of them have you tried using the ballast from the good spot with the one that is acting up? Also, have you contacted Lycian support to see if they have any ideas?


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If they are Magnetic ballasts (both were available on this model), then I would suspect the power factor capacitor. When they get funky flicker is one of the symptoms. The magnetic ballast core would not be a source of this problem. If you have a E-ballast, then yes, you may have a problem. As mentioned, swap ballasts between the units.
I assumed you tried swapping lamps, if not then that would be #1. Some MH/HMI lamps can develop a flicker. Some outgrow it, some don't. In some cases, rotating the lamp (top/bottom) will help solve the problem.
The reason I suspect the PF Capacitor is that one of the failure modes is for the value or the capacitor to drop under load. When the value drops enough, the lamp dims. Luckily, the capacitor is one of the least expensive parts of the chain.
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