Truss Protectors AKA Truss Condoms

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    Trusses are made of aluminum tubing which is much softer than the iron pipe that stage battens are made of and is easily dinged and dented. A standard "C" clamp when tightened onto a truss can leave a deep dent, if over-tightened, deep enough to compromise the structural integrety of the truss. Truss Protectors/Truss Condoms/c-clips are springy plastic clips that snap on to the truss tubing to protect the aluminum from damage. You can crank a "C" clamp down onto a Truss Protector without fear of damage. Truss Protectors are simple and inexpensive and will save your very expensive aluminum truss. They are available commercially in black or white or you can easily make them yourself from schedule 40 PVC pipe. To make one, simply cut a 1 1/2" or 2" section of pipe. Next cut out about 1/4 to 1/3 of the circumference so you have a "C" shape when viewed from the end. To determine just how much to cut out, if it slips on too eaily, cut a little less, if too hard, cut a little more. The commercial pieces have a rounded edge to make snapping them on and off a touch eaiser and also rounded edges to save your fingers. I recommend lightly sanding the edges to take the curse off. One example of a commercial unit is:
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