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Tulsa PAC seeks Master Electrician

Discussion in 'Education and Career Development' started by Scott McLarty, Mar 9, 2018.

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    Tulsa Oklahoma
    The Tulsa Performing Arts Center has an opening for a Master Electrician. The primary job responsibilities would include, hanging and circuiting lighting rigs based off plots, programming on ETC family boards, operating the lighting console for numerous types of events. Events would include but not limited too, broadway and off broadway touring events, Ballet, Opera and Symphony.

    Secondary job responsibilities would include, inventory management, facility upgrades and planning, equipment repairs & more.

    Recommended skills:
    Eos Family software (including offline editor)
    Vectorworks Spotlight
    Mosaic Designer

    Any questions about this position can be sent to Scott McLarty 918-596-2394 or by email at [email protected]

    Applications can be made at


    Scott McLarty
    Technical Director
    Tulsa Performing Arts Center

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