Vintage Lighting Two things I'm going to really miss being able to get


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Mar 29, 2003
Hand drafting (on one square edge per panel) and metal working skills on the 22ga side panels from a recycled microwave. Arbor punch at work with lots of dies, but still going to be a suck on making one of the most frequently missing parts to a Altman Leko. And one where if you don't have clean edges, it might cut into conductors. (Obviously white enamel paint will be buffed off before use than re-painted high temp.)

Shutters... can only grind so much off the leading edge, certainly not enough to fix this one. Made shutters in the past... they work but always a question of what gauge and type of steel to use given higher difficulties with each better grade to home fabricate.

Any chance City Theatrical is going to run a line of both parts?



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May 14, 2009
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Generally, you can get anything you want. It's more a funding issue.
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