Ultra DMXking and DMXis


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Jul 21, 2020
Lansing, Mi
Can anyone tell me if there's away a DMX hardware controller connected to a Ultra DMXking adapter into a computer, run along with DMXis controlling lights at the same time, on the same computer? Is there an address I should use to connect devices or something?
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Jun 15, 2018
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You just need a dmx combiner. You wouldn't run the DMX out from a hardware lighting controller into a computer.

DMX combiners usually have 2 options, Higher value or Latest value.
Higher value works when the hardware controller deals with conventionals and the other controller for moving fixtures. If a cue on console A has channel 1 at 50%, console B can increase channel 1 but never decrease it below 50%.
Latest value works when you want either controller to have control on all the lights. Usually when one is a backup.


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Mar 18, 2019
It should in theory also be possible to have the computer act as a combiner. You'd need appropriate software (which may not exist for your particular setup, or at least may not be readily available); I'd think such functionality would most appropriately be incorporated into whatever program you're using to control the lights from the computer, although it might also be possible to incorporate functionality into a driver and so make it independent of the lighting control software. I doubt it's a particularly common use case, at any rate, so likely not a standard feature.

A standalone DMX combiner is in my opinion a better solution, more likely to be trouble-free and certainly more robust in the event of a computer crash.


Apr 25, 2009
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LightFactory is a software package that can act as a combiner. It can accept DMX from an Ultra DMXking and merge it with an outgoing DMX universe on an HTP (Highest Takes Precedence), LTP (Lowest Takes Precedence) or ITP (Input Takes Precedence) basis.