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I'm a freshman at the U of Arts in Philadelphia majoring in Applied Theatre Arts.

ATA = everything backstage and behind the scenes. (Directing, Stage Management, Producing, Script Writing, etc) In your junior, you get to pick a focus. *I want to be a Stage Manager*

It's a great college because you're right in Centre City Philadelphia! 5 blocks from city hall.

There are theatres everywhere and you can always get Student rush tickets.

We own the Merriam theatre on Broad St.

You do not need to take math to graduate! these 2 semesters, the only non theatre/music related class I had to take was First Year Writing.

They designed the courses so that you won't have to take History 101, but instead, History of Theatre (Which counts as Liberal Arts)

UArts has the country's best Stage Combat program. It offers 8 classes and you can be SAFD certified after 4 semesters if you pass the test.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me :D
im applying there this year simply because i live so close to it(Lower Merion Township). ill be applying to the design tech program. the problems with it though is that its known in the philadelphia area for good tech, but outside of philly, it doesnt have a name, and thus is harder to get a job outside of philly right out of college. another major problem is that the program is like...2 or 3 years old(the tech one) and thus is still working out many kinks.

maybe ill see you next year though, thats only if Purchase doesnt work out though.
Yeah. It's a new program.

But you get a lot of opportunities around the city!

all the professors here currently work in their field

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