Upgrading my school's black box studio... with its lower than ideal lighting grid.

Resurrecting my own post with updates in our current Covid world.

The new Ion Xe, Dell monitors, two fader wings (one still in its box... because I was a fool and didn't check the measurements, so I don't have desk space for both fader wings), and 4x Altman AP-150s arrived over the Summer, I've installed them and taken my time to learn how to use EOS (considering I'm coming from the old Express 72/144).

Pretty excited and the motorized zoom on the AP150s makes some things much easier to do (and allows for some nice move effects). I have yet to really test their colour fidelity as we've not had students on campus yet, but our Seniors are coming in this week and some of them will be needing to do lighting and other tech for their assessments. Can't wait.

I've also spent time learning how to use VectorWorks to slowly convert all our paper plans of the Studio, to digital and 3D plans... which paired with EOS 3.0 and Augment3d has meant I've been able to do things like this:
Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 06.12.46.png

I've reproduced the Drama Studio as best I can and have patched in and visualised our current "basic" rig.

Has anyone had any experience with the Chauvet 415FC Fresnel and 55FC "inkie" fixtures? the RGBAL array would theoretically be better at reproducing colours compared to the Altman AP150s, and motorized zooms on both as well as their sizes seem like they would be ideal in my lower than ideal 3.5m lighting grid. Thoughts?

Thanks for taking the time to read!
My go-to is STILL the Altman 65Q. Can't beat it for price and use in a small space. Huge Spot--> Flood range, and versatile. Also, throw in a BTH 575W lamp, and you are good to go!

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