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APC, now owned by French conglomerate Schneider Electronics, has some great features but also downsides. They tend to cost more, and for sure always buy 3rd party RBCs (replacement battery cartridges) at half the price. What I've appreciated about them in the last few years is the baked in cloud connectivity (APC SmartConnect)- no need for an expensive add-on Ethernet module anymore) and the continuous cloud monitoring which provides us alerts of when AC is lost, when batteries need to be replaced, and the ability to remotely update firmware. Of course, that same "feature" also provides an attack surface for malware to get in and shut down or (worse) brick your UPS ... so I would be very thoughtful about using those in critical infrastructure, law enforcement, etc. applications. The schools, HOWs, CPA offices, etc. where I have either found or placed them I think fall into acceptable risk on this.

CyberPower is another line I've used which is more economically priced, but lacks the cloud thing. TrippLite also decent.


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I suppose battery cartridges make it easier and safer for non technical folks to change batteries. The amount of stored energy is something to be very cautious about when working on a UPS. AFAIK, Tripp Lite doesn't require battery cartridges. I want to be able to locally buy off the shelf batteries and drop them in. I haven't had to do a replacement on a TL yet.

Some UPS brands go out of their way to make battery replacement a major pain. They must think that making it hard enough will push some people to just buy a new UPS. Batteries should easily last 4-5 years and I have banished some brands of UPS that cooked the batteries to a premature death.


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My own home PC's UPS is an ageing APC 600VA unit. It takes standard gel batteries, and decent quality off the shelf ones are about 1/4 what APC want for them. My others are still in storage awaiting new batteries.

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