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I have a question about audio interfaces. I have a computer that is running several pieces of software that have individually configurable audio inputs and outputs separate from the system settings, for example garage band and skype.

I would like to be able to route audio from each program out through an audio interface and then route program audio back into the computer for each program. So basically, 2 ins and 2 outs for skype and 2 ins and 2 outs for garage band.

Now I know i can do this with multiple 2x2 interfaces, but my question is: can i do this with one say 16x16 interface. so routing pairs of channels to each piece of software on the computer.



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Yes, I've done what you're describing before. Each program should be able to "see" all 16i/o ports so you can assign the i/o however you want.


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And, if that doesn't work, you could point the software to Soundflower virtual device(s) - then you can route your hardware channels in whatever arrangement you please.

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