usb audio interface


I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with usb audio devices. I am in the market for one in the $200 neighborhood, with 2 xlr inputs and 2 balanced 1/4 outputs. I believe that M audio makes one but I am wondering if there are any others on the market or their experience wiht M audio.

It doesnt have any XLR inputs, but I have farily recently purchased a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX external USB 2.0 sound card (with 7.1 surround output). I use it with my laptop to do recording on the road (I have recorded 30 GB done all the editing and squished it into ~200mb and put it on the internet all from on the road with little more then my laptop and that sound card. I would have gone for something abit more profesional, but I am a HS student who spends more time voluenteering doing sound then working at a real job, so i am a little short in the cash department! And for a USB sound device, you cant really beat the ~$100 for the Audigy 2 NX!

The recording quality is great, although you are basicly limited to one sterio chanel of recording. (let me know if you want some tricks on how to make that more chanels). The playback quality is REALLY great too. I have been using it with Windows Media Player 10 (ya, i know i am REALLY cheap, you cant beat free though) to do all the sound for my gigs, ranging from talent shows, to plays, to DJing.
I never played with any of their USB stuff, but I use an M-Audio PCI card and am pretty pleased with it.


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