USED ALTMAN 360Q Ellipsoidals - $59 Each

cool...controlbooth has gotten so popular that we now get spam posts from major companys like 4th phase....

That's a real measure of a site's success!!! :wink:
posts that are trying to sell products or services offered on other sites.
"Spam" is generally the posting of commercial ads on boards not meant for them. The worst culprits will post the same message on several different boards even if there's no relationship to the board topic. While a "for sale" ad may not be completely appropriate for this board, and therefor could be viewed as spam, at least he only posted it to one board, and it IS lighting-related. I'd view it as poor judgement, not really spam.

Hello All. My name is Josh, and yes, I posted the information about the used 360Q's. It upsets me that it started such a big discussion of Spam. I am a member of the local theater community, I am someone who lurks around quietly in these forums, and yes, I also have used equipment to sell.

I just wanted to let you guys know about what I thought was a pretty good offer, especially since I know money is tighter than ever right now.

I apologize to all of those who felt you were spammed.

Thank you,

explaining your intent goes a long way towards this not being spam. I do not think anyone is too upset because it is a good price and of interest.

As it appears now, and has been explained in your affiliation to the posting, it is certainly no more spam than the eariler posting about SetWear and who to get it from that I once had a cow over because it only listed one source for the gear - even if on sale.

I thank you for sharing the information, were I on the market I certainly would buy some of the fixtures. Last ones I bought there cost $95.00 and that was a good price.

This posting might have been more appropriately and tactfully placed as a helpful comment about you having found/bought some there in the discussion about buying new/used fixtures and the opinions about the SL verses the S-4 line.

Were choices in fixtures is involved, some very inexpensive Altman 360Q fixtures that come from a well respected comapny such as Bash/Fourth Phase would certainly be worth at least full consideration about investing in getting two or four Altman 360Q fixtures for the price of one newer light. Good way to bulk up your inventory - buy a few new lights, and many older lights. Such lights coming out of the Bash inventory would also be assumed to not have green lenses or you could reasonably be expected to send the lenses back for good ones under warranty. This is a good deal and one worth note even for personal X-Mas presents to oneself.

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