Used Sennheiser G2 receivers and Beltpack transmitters- 518-554 MHz


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We are retiring 6 older Sennheiser wireless systems now that we've upgraded to newer gear. These are all G2 units with EM 100 receivers SK100 bodypacks, antennas, and power supplies. No mic elements are included. All units are in ok used condition, and pass audio and sound fine. One of the transmitters has a non-functional "down" button, so it's a little difficult to set but still works fine otherwise (might be an easy fix for someone who knows how).
It looks like these units are selling anywhere from $180-$300 on the 'bay, so I'm going to price them at $200 for the five regularly functional units and $175 for the one with the sad button. If you want all six, make me an offer and we'll see what we can do. Let me know if you have any questions. Shipping will likely be around $10-15 per unit, if you want all 6 for $1175 then they'll ship for free!


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