Using 12V car battery to power converter?


Hi all,

I have a Black Magic SDI to Fiber converter for a camera run and I'd like to power it off a small 12V 7AH battery. Will this work well and for how long would you suppose?

As the battery loses juice, will the voltage drop below 12V to a point where it would harm the Black Magic?



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You'd probably want a fuse or breaker inline to protect against over current draw. If you look at the specs of the converter it should tell you power draw, which you could use to calculate roughly how long the battery would power the device for.


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You might also wish to consider a low voltage cutout on the battery. Discharge a lead acid battery below about 10.5V and it won't come back. With modern DC - DC converters, they can often keep working well below the death threshold of a battery and you'll be none the wiser until it won't recharge...

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