Using A Computer As A Mixer

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by GrantHughes, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Yes, but its 16 in 16 out, whereas the UCA202 is 2 in 2 out for $25 and the Firepower is also Firewire, so there would be less latency than USB
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    Which versions of USB and FireWire are you comparing? How does any difference in latency inherent in USB versus FireWire compare to the latency related to the specific interface and its drivers, the bit depth and sample rate settings, the hard drive/computer and the processing itself? Simply saying that there are likely to be a number of factors in the latency experienced with either product other than just their being FireWire or USB.

    The I/O seems to be one of those cases where 16x16 versus 2x2 could be a significant advantage if you might ever need or want more than two in and/or two out, but otherwise might be irrelevant. A bit like when people compare audio mixers and address one having more inputs, outputs, aux sends, etc., a comparison that can be significant if it represents some benefit in actual use but a bit pointless or perhaps even representing a disadvantage if it is comparing numbers that aren't really relevant to the intended use.
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    And you would be going into a world of clocking pain...
    As each one would be doing its own thing for clocking, you'd either need to source rate convert everything (if you can do so in the software world - it will be resource intensive) which WILL add non trivial latency or you end up with the clicks and pops we all know and love when digital goes out of clock...

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